About kaka.moe


kaka.moe is a website.
I don't know what else you were expecting for the introduction for a one page(ish) website...

Where do all the content come from?

Not from me lol.
The main attraction (the homepage video) comes from a niconico video (I think). Source Here.
The other pages (Holy shit there's other pages?) are also stolen from various places.

    List here:
  • /miku
    • Dancing Miku by __ on DeviantArtLink
  • /waifusinthetrash (Previously /chasingwaifus)
    • Noragami 2nd Season (MAL) clip edited by ME (wow good job for actually putting in effort in something)
    • Blue Archive
    • Source Unknown
    • Plastic Memories (MAL) edited by someone (probably on reddit).
    • Source Unknown
  • /original
    • Niconico video: Link
  • /mayoi
    • Niconico video: Link
    • Actual 10 hour loop in the webpage: Link